Purple Bricks Harmonia

PurpleBrick Sapphire Harmonia (gated community within the confines of the integrated layout PurpleBrick Sapphire). It has 25+ acres of villa plots & villas, is an offering that makes investment in Mysore more attractive, since it is affordably priced compared to its proximity to CBD and industrial hubs and include all the benefits that a gated community has to offer. It is a safe and steady investment for local people, professionals and the Indian diaspora abroad with attractive investment options for residential properties. Properties are available in two dimensions - 9m x 12m (30ft x 40ft) & 12m x 18m (40ft x 60ft) to suit your needs.

We ensure that your transaction lifecycle is made smooth, easy and hassle-free by completing all the necessary documentation and formalities in the shortest time possible.