Property Promotion & Development

MCIL is a company with interests in development of properties in Residential Housing, commercial areas, the company’s projects span across various aspects of real estate development including land acquisition, project planning, marketing and sales, project execution and property financing services.

MCIL’s team of qualified and experienced Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Technical Valuers and Company Secretaries have an In depth understanding of the real estate market and follow the industry best practices in the property development sphere.

With its large pool of investor clients who are interested in bulk property deals that can be resold for attractive returns later. MCIL handles the complete process of identification, negotiation, transactions including making the final purchases for our clients.

MCIL can help any reputed builder off load a large block of inventory early, at a pre-launch stage. This enables the builders with a significant portion of finance for the project early on and are able to sell the remaining inventory at higher prices. This enables MCIL’s investors to sell their inventory at a profit